Begin at the beginning…

I’ve always had a multitude of ideas floating around in my head but could never focus enough to start creating. I started crocheting a set of leg warmers several years ago and this fall I started to work on them again. Working the stitches together seemed to calm my mind and help me focus my thoughts. I started taking my little fuzzy bunny bag full of yarn and half-made, stripped leg warmers everywhere. When I needed to escape from the chaos around me I’d take them out and start to work. The happiness I felt from finding solace in something so simple motivated me to learn more about crocheting. So I picked up a few books from the library and started musing about all the things I could make if I could just learn to crochet better. Since Christmas was coming up I decided to make a scarf for my mom and fingerless arm warmers for my niece and sister. The scarf was easy, since I kinda know the basics of crocheting. (My mom taught me a bit when I was about ten.) The arm warmers however, we’re not so easy! After about three patterns I decided to make up my own, which worked much better, and I managed to finish both pairs with just a day to spare! I took a few pictures but have to wait till later to put them up due to my camera being at home and I am not.

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