A Bright Winter Wonderland

It’s a little late, but here’s a few pictures of our tree. Luke didn’t mind that it is pink, since Katy Perry has one hehe ^.^
I found these little wooden penguins at a thrift store back in the summer, ten cents for the set. I took them home and set to work making the trio as bright as possible. After I painted them I added some glitter to make em even more happy! The pink one has yet to take a glitter bath on account that I was all out of pink glitter at the time. I’ve recently acquired some from Sister but have been so busy due to the Holidays, I just haven’t found time to make her shine >.<
The littlest fellow I actually painted blue but decided that he needed some silver-ish glitter too.
I secretly think they dance around the tree when no one is looking!
I love the green guy, he’s clearly the leader of the pack ^.^
This is my absolute favorite ornament! My Mammy got it for me at Target ^.^ 
He’s straight out of a fairy tale.  
Little Hello Kitty is actually a decoration for Easter eggs but, I thought she looked pretty nifty on the tree.

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