Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the Year of the Rabbit. Which is rather exciting for me since it happens to be my sign!  

It’s said that Buddha invited all the animals in the world to join him in celebrating the new year but only twelve showed up! As a reward to those loyal animals Buddha named a year after each critter. The rat, being the first to show up, was given the first year and each year after was named according to the next animal to arrive ending with the pig. 

This should be a very good year for the world! Rabbit years are supposed to be quiet, peaceful and much calmer than other years. It’s said that we should all focus on our families, personal development, art and culture. So lets all hang out together, be crafty and try to see only the happy, beautiful things in the world ^.^

 The Vietnamese are celebrating their lunar new year today as well. 
The Year of the Cat! 
In Vietnamese culture this year symbolizes friendship and striving to be your best. 

Whether you’re celebrating the Year of the Rabbit or Cat, happy furry cuteness this year everyone! ❤ 

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