The Sweet Life

I’ve been obsessed with everything rainbow lately. Especially food! Cuppycakes and cakes and even rainbow pancakes! So I marched myself down the road to the store, picked up some neon food coloring, a box of white cake mix and set to work. 
Here’s the colored batter all divided up and ready to go! As I added the drops of food coloring and swirled it around, blending into perfection, I felt like a magician making a special potion for pure happiness. ❤
Fresh out of the oven! Perfectly wonderful ^.^
Batch after batch the kitchen was filled with grandeur! The cuppys were so bright it was almost as though the air was filled with glitter!
The kitchen was overflowing with cupcakes of ever size and color. 
As I stood there admiring their loveliness, I felt like one of the lost boys (or girls) hanging out with Peter Pan in Neverland making believe!  ❤
Here’s one blessing my craft room with it’s presence ^.^
❤ Happy Cupcake ❤
…..and Happy Kitten ❤

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