A small Autumn tour

Something exciting is happening around here. The light is turning a luminescent golden hue, the shadows are shifting and the air is getting crisp. Autumn is falling upon us! 
To get in the season I put up some Halloween decorations. I know it’s a bit early but it’s important to make the most of things that bring you joy.  
 Bats, pumpkins and an abundance of orange…
 and with the new mirror…
Hello my little pumpkin head sitting on the mantle.
 He’s one of my fondest friends. 
 There is my yellow bunny. He’s hiding a secret stash of yarn. If you look carefully you can see it peaking through his mouth! 
 Pretty paper flower garland and wreath hang over the entry way to the kitchen… 
 Say hello to our glittery skeleton friend guarding the hallway.You might remember how he used to hang out under a certain lamp. I suppose he got bored. Fickle little guy…
 The hallway is lit up with bright orange lights and layers of festive flowers. When I walk through it’s curved archway I always wonder if I’m going to end up in an entirely different world on the other end.
 here’s our dear friend again…
 This fancy cat took a fondness to poor body-less Big Head Todd.
They seem to keep each other pretty good company.
 Next door to them is the magical Keeper of Pumpkin Heads tree…
Pretty creatures up on your shelf. You’re all so very nifty…
 Hello Kitties in a land of glittery pumpkins!
 Hello there little Batty and Pumpkin Kitties!
 Vintage military curios, a handmade totem given to me by my Mammy 
and a Victorian style candy bucket
 A rug bathing in the afternoon Autumn light…
 Here is my silly Lucky thinking he’s quite hidden under the top of a wicker pumpkin basket.
 He sneakily crawled all around the floor only to realize he’d been caught in the act! 
We all feel quite at home and happy in our cozy little haunted house. 

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