A Tour Of My Kitchen

I finally got my kitchen set up pretty well to my liking so I decided it was about time to give a small tour of my cooking space. ^.^
I went a little crazy with a pack of scrapbook paper yesterday! I tiled it all over the place and it really seemed to cheer everything up.

The fridge seems to be enjoying it’s make over. Kinda looks like a frosted and sprinkled cake now! 

There are a few postcards from A Fanciful Twist up there, along an old black and white card I’ve kept for many years that shows a car driving down an old dirt road with the street sign “Dream”. It’s one of my favorites. 
Here’s the swan that hangs out in the kitchen. Isn’t he handsome? 

I love love love vintage Pyrex! Well pretty much all vintage bakeware for that matter. I’m working on my collection which, is expanding at a slow but steady pace. Can you see the milk glass hobnail cake stand over on the left? I got it at a yard sale last summer for 5 dollars!  

I found these Pyrex bowls at a thrift store this week. I’m so so proud of them. >.< 

My awesome Mammy painted the four cupcake pictures up there. ❤

Mmm…Smarties candy canes. Yummy and pretty! 

A Hello Kitty ceramic mug my sister got me holds my favorite Kawaii spatulas ❤

I love these dish towels. They’re technically for Valentine’s Day but I think they’re pretty enough to hang around all year!

My pretty polka dot broom…

Above my sink on a little shelf…some of my favorite pretties.

Lusterware! Pastel vintage Pyrex and other lovely things.

This is my collection of 60’s/70’s Pyrex. I love them tons even though they don’t quite go with the rest of my kitchen. ^.^

A not so great picture of my aprons >.<

My Big Bird cookie jar! I’ve had him since I was a little girl and he’s still one of my favorite, loyal friends. ❤

Thanks for visiting my little kitchen!  XoXo

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