Giving old treasures new life

This weekend I was gifted some marvelous treasures! 
By way of a very kind and wonderful friend. It was a bittersweet kind of situation.  An older life beginning again in a different living situation and a few younger ones finding new life in old treasures. 
Sometimes I wonder if older things, like kitchenware, clothes, furniture or anything used and loved keep memories of their pasts. From the very first house they lived in and the people who lived with them… 
and if they’ll remember those of us who love them and cherish them now, when we are no longer with them…
 Here is my very favorite new friend…!
Such a handsome old KitchenAid mixer! As I was trying to figure out what color exactly it was…
Lucky answered my question. This mixer just happens to match his eyes purrfectly! >.<
And he is such a silly clown! He posed this way and that so I could get his picture just right.

Along with my mixer I also got some amazing new additions to my Pyrex collection.
My very first fridge sets! Some of them are a little extra loved but I can’t help but adore them none the less..
Spring Blossom, Pink Gooseberry, and  Butterfly Gold

#501 reds and lids…

#502 blues…

Three yellow #503s and a beautiful Amish Butterprint one. 
This pretty Green Meadows Fire King casserole dish! 
Some primary colors mixing bowls. Now I need to find a few of  the blue bowls so I can complete the sets!!

and lastly these two super pretty teal pieces! 

Earlier this past week I found this awesome Spring Blossom cinderella mixing bowl set at the thrift store. The whole set!

This cute little unmarked teal and white cereal bowl. I haven’t found out much about it. I think it’s Federal?

A cute pastel pink swirl bowl! 
I’m pretty sure Lucky likes this silly dishware just as much as I do. ❤ 

2 thoughts on “Giving old treasures new life

  1. What an awesome collection of Pyrex you have. Love the new kitchenaid mixer. Such a pretty color. Lucky looks so sweet checking out the new goodies. Thanks for coming over to my blog and following. I just signed up to follow you too.



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