The Challenge of Reorganizing

Today I set to the task of organizing and rearranging all my dishware. I thought long and hard about how to incorporate all my new treasures into fairly limited space. It was so much fun though! This is what things look like now…

And I ended up still having a bit of extra room for future finds! 

While I was working in the kitchen I had to keep the back door open because the big lilac bush (it’s really more like a tree) is in full bloom right outside and a light breeze brought in the most delightful scent from these beautiful flowers!  
Can’t you just smell them now? That light but strong and deliciously sweet aroma…
However I didn’t bring any inside because I was a little afraid of the allergies that, unfortunately, go hand in hand with their wonderful scent! 

It’s been a while since I’ve shown my beautiful puppy Vincent. He’s turning into quite the handsome fellow isn’t he? He’s just about a year old now and I’ve never met a sweeter or happier boy. 
He’s my goofy ball of energy! 
He is very snuggly and always runs over and leans against my legs to say hi. ^.^

…and as always, a little bit of Lucky doing something cute. This time he was making a fort out of the local paper. 

XoXo Lots of happiness to you!  ❤ 

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