Vintage Bubblegum Happiness

Would ya look at this pretty bubblegum pink suitcase?! Found it while out thrifting today. 
It’s lined with light pink polka dots and matches my little train case of the same brand Royal Traveller. 
Turns out it’s perfect for storing my vintage embroidered cloths and doilies!  
The same lovely friend who gifted me the awesome Pyrex haul earlier this month also gave me these beautiful treasures! 
Hand embroidered and crocheted… 
They seem to fit perfectly in here. Colorful and happy! 
I can’t wait to display them throughout our house. 
…and look at this beautiful Dior handkerchief! So fancy! So elegant! Tee Hee!  

Everything packed up like a pretty gift waiting to be opened a little later. 

Wishing you a day full of happiness and cuteness from 
Lucky in a different suitcase and

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