Recent Thrift Finds

Haven’t found a whole lot in the way of Pyrex or Fire King while thrifting lately. Guess the stores around here have caught on and started saving them for online selling. However I could just be missing the good stuff since I haven’t been out much. 
Here’s my latest finds from a couple of weeks ago…
This Fire King casserole dish pattern is called Primrose! ^.^

 Pyrex Town and Country oval divided serving dish and casserole dish

Some Woodland pattern Pyrex 

The pattern of these two Fire King pieces is called Meadow Green. I love how they kinda look like alternating snowflakes and bouquets!  

This big casserole dish is pretty special. My aunt sent it to me and it was originally my great grandmother Blanche Thurman’s! So neat to think that it has always been in our family. ^.^ 

Hopefully I’ll be able to hunt for more treasures soon. Even though I’m afraid I’m running out of room to put anything! 

Here is a picture of my Lucky a day after we found him.
Sending out well wishes and happy thoughts to everyone!

Ps: My aunt has a very drool worthy blog called An Inspired Cook and if you like food, hers will defiantly make you hungry! 

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