A Melancholy Moose has an online store!

Hi all, It’s been longer than I wanted it to be since my last post. I’ve been busy busy taking pictures of jewelry and designing a store front for my creations. I’m happy to announce that I now have a full store on Storenvy!! 
I also created a Twitter account and have a Facebook page for my things as well! 
Here are a few of the new pieces I’ve listed in the shop: 

The Iron Butterfly Necklace!

The glittery Ginger Moustache Necklace! 

The Snow White inspired Candy Apple Ring.

and also the Pastel Sweet Heart Necklace.

There are a lot more items in the shop including more rings, necklaces and also some hair clips and brooches. I’ve made some more elaborate necklaces that will be up soon too. I’ve just got to figure out how to take proper pictures of them! 
I’m very new to online selling and all the self promotion that it involves. It makes me feel so silly, as if I’m bragging. >.< Also, I'm trying to keep my prices as low as possible and shipping is only $2.oo for all US orders and $4.00 internationally. 
Anywho, if you’re intersted, pop on over to my little shop and tell me what you think! 

Oh and I mustn’t forget, my little monster. This is what he’s been doing while I’ve been writing this post. He’s pretty good at getting my attention! 

Hope your day is full of smiles! 
Much love from Lucky and I  ❤

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