A Kitten Named Lucky

I wanted to share Lucky’s story with you.
 A day of little significance in early March of 2010, I decided to tag along with Luke as he went to work. He manages a local feed store and part of his job is taking deliveries all over town. Sometimes to houses and sometimes to more remote areas outside of town. I always enjoy riding along with him and seeing all the super cute animals that live at the places he delivers. 
We had already gone to several houses and swung back by the store to pick up a large load of hay to be delivered outside of the city. While Luke loaded the truck I caught up on the book I had started reading the night before. It was called The Daily Coyote: A Story of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming by Shreve Stockton. It’s a story about an orphaned baby coyote who came into a girl’s life and changed it forever. I remember thinking, “I would love to find some sort of baby animal that needed me…”. Oh how prophetic that was! 
As we drove to the location outside the city, we passed through a reservation and into the outskirts of an old Spanish town. The drive was beautiful. Filled with mountains and big skies. 

But soon things weren’t so scenic and pretty. After turning onto an old bumpy road that also served as a ditch bank we parked the truck and Luke began to unload the hay into the field.  There was a big pasture on one side and a rather large ditch bank on the other. Trash littered the ditch. Overturned old cars that looked as though they had been burned, beer bottles, every kind of yucky thing you could think of. We even saw the rotting carcass of a cow. :/ 
I was walking around marveling at how there could be this much filth so near such prettiness when Luke yelled for me. He was standing near one of the upturned cars, looking down and as I ran over a tiny, filthy kitten walked out of the debris. He took one look at us and started meowing and purring as loud as he could. It was as if he was saying ,”Oh there you are! What took you so long to find me?!”
I scooped him up and found a cup of water for him. He sat in my lap and drank feverishly while trying to purr in between swallows. He was covered in filth, very thin and had frost bite on his ears, nose, paws and the tip of his tail. His little belly was very bloated from being so hungry. One more night out there and he probably wouldn’t have survived.
This is the first picture I ever took of Lucky. 

Of course, he had to come home with us! So he rode in my lap back to the store and then to his new home at the end of the day. 
Here’s a fuzzy picture of him hanging out at the feed store waiting to go home.

After some food, a bath and some serious love he was looking much better! 

His first night at home, he curled up on my pillow and buried his head in my hair! He still cuddles with us every night. ^.^ 

We named him Lucky because of the circumstances we found him in, however I feel like the lucky one. 
He has been my constant companion and best friend. ❤

I can’t imagine life without these two! 

Wishing you love and happiness in your day today! 

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