Hello again,

My apologies for not keeping in touch better. 

It really has been a long time hasn’t it? 

I have so so many things to show and tell you. 

My mind is overflowing with things I need to share. 

How was your Christmas? Or better yet, did you enjoy Fall? 

Lets catch up!

This summer I had the most deliciously bright petunias. 

For those who are yearning for spring, I hope these brighten up your day! 

 Even though I don’t like the heat, especially how hot the summers are here in New Mexico, seeing these everyday made it more bearable. 

Their colors were so bright!

 Next spring I think I’ll add another table of them in my front yard. 

However for now, I am loving Winter.

 We don’t get much snow where I live. Hardly any at all.

 So last week when my sister and I were able to enjoyed a ride through the mountains on a very snowy day it was quite a treat!

The cold months are my absolute favorite!

rocky canyon roads…

 sun peeking through the snowy sky…

These tiny little birds played and played in the snow.

Diving in and out of it, like they were the happiest creatures on Earth! 

That night I enjoyed some delicious chicken noodle soup the Boyo made for me!

…and warmed up next to this ever so sleepy little one. 

Have you ever seen such a silly face?!

 …all bundled up and cozy.

Promise to visit more. Very soon! 

Happy Winter greetings from a sweet sleeping Lucky and I!

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