From where I’m sitting….

I see so many great things everyday!

What to see a few too?

My inspiration board.

 Full of silly colorful things, memories, and art that make me oh so happy!

My new 2013 planner from Korea!
I became obsessed with these planners/diaries a few years back. 
They are hands down the most adorable yearly planners out there. 
Not the best picture but you can trust me that it is full of cuteness.
 The little book features pictures of the adventures of a little cat and his girl.
This year the theme is Paris and there are watercolor style images of berets, croissants, windmills and all sort of other Parisian things inside!
It came with a set of 12 month sticker/tabs and a headphone jack plug of the kitty.
Needless to say it will keep my yearly plans cute!

Another thing I can see from where I sit,

…some adorable friends keeping me company today.

One of which is very special. It was a gift from my Aunt Jan‘s friend Wendy! 
I just absolutely LOVE this little mug. He keeps me company in my craft room everyday while I putter around. 
Thank you Wendy. It was ever so sweet of you! ❤ 

I can also see a certain mischievous one who just hopped into one of my bags! 

Hehe! >.< 

What views have you enjoyed today? 

Lucky and I hope you’ve seen many beautiful and happy things!


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