Week 23: Matryoshka doll theme

I’ve been doing some planner shuffling lately.

One of the things that seems to coincide with planner addiction is always wanting to switch up your collection!

So this week I moved into my new purple personal Malden. I’ve been drooling over this particular type of Filofax for a while and last week was given the opportunity to trade for one!

I decorated week 23 with Matryoshka doll stickers, sticky notes and washi tape.



I love this “Bee Happy” yellow pen that I picked up this week from a local stationery store. It’s called The Seven Year Pen and comes in several different colors with really cute designs on them. Supposedly it contains enough ink for seven years of use!



My Malden set up. ^.^



On Sunday, Luke surprised me with these AWESOME signed post card prints by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters!  They are amazing artists and also own Stranger Factory, an art gallery in Nob Hill.


This card is going in the front of my planner as a dashboard. ^.^


Something else that happened this weekend…we are now caretakers of this little guy. He’s a great plains skink!  I think he looks like a little dinosaur.


Lucky wasn’t as excited about the newest household member as we were.



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