A Long Way Back

It’s been far too long since I blogged last. After dealing with a relationship in my life that was quite literally sucking the creative, happy energy out of me and the time it has taken to heal from that, I’m finally ready to rediscover A Melancholy Moose.


Things are ever so good around here.
Luke and Vincent are as cute as ever…




and of course so is Lucky!


The weather is warming up and spring has been in full gear for about a month in my neighborhood. 
I recently brought in some Lilacs from my backyard and they made the whole house smell divine! 
Pickings have been slim in the Pyrex department as of late. I’m guessing with it’s current popularity, people are scooping up the good pieces as soon as they hit the shelves!
However, I did find this oh so bohemian vintage chair recently at a thrift store. I think it really fits with Luke’s artwork and the odd decor we have in our living room. 
I’ve decided it shall be called The Gypsy Chair from now on.
 I pinky swear to post more often! 
For now though, I think I’ll snuggle up with this little fella.
PS: Some of these pictures are from Instagram- I apologize for their grainy appearance as my phone’s camera is severely lacking in the quality department. >.<