Harry Potter Inspired Planner Stickers

One of my favorite things is the magical world of Harry Potter! I’ve grown up with the stories and still read the books and watch the movies quite often. A few weeks ago I listened to the audiobook versions for the first time and was inspired to make a few sticker kits.

Here’s my layout from last week in my Erin Condren Vertical planner



Hedwig, Crookshanks and the Sorting Hat make appearances among books, aged pages and crystal balls!

Harry Potter Themed Sticker Kit:

Headers and bottom washi stickers

Headers and bottom washi stickers

Harry Potter Inspired Planner Stickers- Full boxes

Harry Potter Inspired Planner Stickers- Full boxes

Harry Potter Planner Stickers

Harry Potter Planner Stickers

I also made coordinating half and quarter box stickers!

Half and Quarter box stickers:




And because Luna Lovegood is one of my favorite characters in the series I made a whole set dedicated to her.

Luna Lovegood Inspired Planner Sticker Kit:


These are just the three kits I’ve finished so far. I’m working on a few more that will hopefully be up soon.

In the meantime , I’ll be admiring my Harry Potter Funko Pop collection for inspiration. It’s almost complete!



Thanks for reading!




A new adventure.

Planners have been a part of my life for several years now. They’ve helped ease my anxiety and keep me a little bit more organized all the while giving me an artistic outlet to create daily and weekly. It’s pretty cool to share this hobby with so many people all over the world!


A Melancholy Moose has always been the name I wanted to use for my artistic endeavors. Whether that’s blogging or something else.  Like all things in life,  A Melancholy Moose and myself have evolved and changed. I’m a big believer in following your joy and nurturing the small things that make you happy.  I previously made jewelry under this name but as that is no longer something that brings me joy, it was time to closed that chapter and start a new one. I plan on blogging here more (again) and have also started an Etsy store to share my passion for planning and stationery.  I hope you’ll continue to join me as I start a few fun new projects.


So, with that said, A Melancholy Moose is now on Etsy! I have been drawing up a storm, creating characters that are inspired by my world and favorite things. I’ve turned these drawings into themed sticker sets for planners. Of course cats play a big part in my illustrations and most of them are inspired by my little muse Lucky.


Don’t mind the messy coffee table, just look at those adorable crossed paws!


pastel kittyscreenshot3

Part of my Pastel Kitties sticker kit. Can you see the likeness to Lucky?


I just opened shop a little while ago and only have a handful of listings, but I’m having so much fun creating new things. I’m trying to release a new set each week and will start posting about them here as well as on Instagram.




Desert bunnies kit in my Mambi Happy Planner


One of the hardest things about having a shop or business for me is the promotional aspect. I really don’t like advertising myself! I always feel pushy and am terrified that I’ll come off fake. So, I’m tying really hard to get more comfortable sharing. If you’d like to take a look at my store, you can check it out here.

It’s been lovely chatting here again, and I’ll be back soon!



Pusheen Date Cover Stickers


I made these Pusheen date cover stickers last month and completely forgot to share them! Download them here.

(Please note, these stickers are for personal use only. Please do not sell or claim as your own. I do not claim ownership of any copyrighted images.)

pusheen date cover stickers


Just print and cut through your preferred method and add to your planner. You can use them to cover up the daily dates in a weekly layout, the dates in your monthly view or both!

I added the day of the week stickers from Wendaful’s free heart date stickers download to my layout to go along with Pusheen and love how it turned out.


I hope they brighten your day as much as they have for me.

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo


Pusheen Planner Stickers

Who doesn’t love Pusheen?!

Because you must fill your planner with cuteness during February, regardless of how you feel about Valentines day, I’ve designed some free Pusheen layout stickers. They are chock-full of pastel shades and whimsical images of the ever adorable Pusheen! I’ve added two printing options, they’ll now fit in the Erin Condren life planner (vertical) as well as the Happy Planner! Choose your preference below.

If you do not own a digital cutter, you can still print on sticker paper and cut out by hand or print on paper and run through a Xyron sticker machine.  There’s also the good old fashioned option to simply print, cut by hand and glue into your planner too!

Feel free to tag me on Instagram (@amelancholymoose) or link back to me here if you use these in your layout. I’d love to see how you use them!

Click here to open the Happy Planner size printable!

Click here for the Erin Condren size printable!

pusheen ec

Pusheen printable for Erin Condren planners


Pusheen printable for Happy Planners


** This printable is intended for personal use only. Please do not sell or claim as your own. I do not claim ownership of any copyrighted images.


Thanks for stopping by! xxx

A Long Way Back

It’s been far too long since I blogged last. After dealing with a relationship in my life that was quite literally sucking the creative, happy energy out of me and the time it has taken to heal from that, I’m finally ready to rediscover A Melancholy Moose.


Things are ever so good around here.
Luke and Vincent are as cute as ever…




and of course so is Lucky!


The weather is warming up and spring has been in full gear for about a month in my neighborhood. 
I recently brought in some Lilacs from my backyard and they made the whole house smell divine! 
Pickings have been slim in the Pyrex department as of late. I’m guessing with it’s current popularity, people are scooping up the good pieces as soon as they hit the shelves!
However, I did find this oh so bohemian vintage chair recently at a thrift store. I think it really fits with Luke’s artwork and the odd decor we have in our living room. 
I’ve decided it shall be called The Gypsy Chair from now on.
 I pinky swear to post more often! 
For now though, I think I’ll snuggle up with this little fella.
PS: Some of these pictures are from Instagram- I apologize for their grainy appearance as my phone’s camera is severely lacking in the quality department. >.<



In shadow and at the end of the rainbow…

Sometimes things just look better in black and white…

Shadows and reflections come to life.

Hidden magic, you never knew was there, is revealed.

Time can stand still.

Things that are current can seem ages old.


Some things are best when there’s no color left out! 

 Like these cupcakes for instance.

Sometimes, taking every color in the rainbow and swirling them together
is the most magical thing in the world!

Oh yes!

And then there is Lucky…

Who always looks at his best.

Even when sitting on a book!

Or taking a bath in the sun.

What magical colors filled your day? 

                                     from Lucky and I

From where I’m sitting….

I see so many great things everyday!

What to see a few too?

My inspiration board.

 Full of silly colorful things, memories, and art that make me oh so happy!

My new 2013 planner from Korea!
I became obsessed with these planners/diaries a few years back. 
They are hands down the most adorable yearly planners out there. 
Not the best picture but you can trust me that it is full of cuteness.
 The little book features pictures of the adventures of a little cat and his girl.
This year the theme is Paris and there are watercolor style images of berets, croissants, windmills and all sort of other Parisian things inside!
It came with a set of 12 month sticker/tabs and a headphone jack plug of the kitty.
Needless to say it will keep my yearly plans cute!

Another thing I can see from where I sit,

…some adorable friends keeping me company today.

One of which is very special. It was a gift from my Aunt Jan‘s friend Wendy! 
I just absolutely LOVE this little mug. He keeps me company in my craft room everyday while I putter around. 
Thank you Wendy. It was ever so sweet of you! ❤ 

I can also see a certain mischievous one who just hopped into one of my bags! 

Hehe! >.< 

What views have you enjoyed today? 

Lucky and I hope you’ve seen many beautiful and happy things!