Small Update and Sneaky Peeks

It’s been way too long since I’ve had a new post. :/ I’m currently working on decorating for Christmas and taking pictures of my craft room (which is mostly finished)! So with in the week I’ll have new pictures up. ^.^ 
I’m also rushing to make the deadline to add more of my jewelry to a local store in town before the big Christmas Shop and Stroll event happens. 
Until next week, a peek at some of my favorite things in the craft room…

My favorite ever curbside find, a vintage lamp. I found it sitting by a dumpster waiting to be thrown away.  Now it has a happy home where it is most certainly cherished. 

And here’s a little peek at my yarn cabinet… ^.^ 

Some Jewelry, Etsy and a Kitty

I started an Etsy account recently and now A Melancholy Moose has an official Store
I haven’t put a whole lot of items up yet, just a few necklaces and bows, but I plan on adding more soon. 
Here are a few of my listings: 

About a month ago I was given the opportunity to have some of my jewelry in a local store! 
Here are a few bits from some of those necklaces: 
So excited to make more too! Charm bracelets, rings and hair pins to come soon. ❤

And as always, here’s a little bit of Lucky >.<

The Sweet Life

I’ve been obsessed with everything rainbow lately. Especially food! Cuppycakes and cakes and even rainbow pancakes! So I marched myself down the road to the store, picked up some neon food coloring, a box of white cake mix and set to work. 
Here’s the colored batter all divided up and ready to go! As I added the drops of food coloring and swirled it around, blending into perfection, I felt like a magician making a special potion for pure happiness. ❤
Fresh out of the oven! Perfectly wonderful ^.^
Batch after batch the kitchen was filled with grandeur! The cuppys were so bright it was almost as though the air was filled with glitter!
The kitchen was overflowing with cupcakes of ever size and color. 
As I stood there admiring their loveliness, I felt like one of the lost boys (or girls) hanging out with Peter Pan in Neverland making believe!  ❤
Here’s one blessing my craft room with it’s presence ^.^
❤ Happy Cupcake ❤
…..and Happy Kitten ❤

The madness that was February!

The month of February was a whirlwind of craziness. We up and moved out of our old apartment in a weekend and moved into a much improved living space a week later! We are now the proud renters of a nicely sized house! What with all the packing, moving, searching for a new place to live and then unpacking I haven’t had a chance to take any good pictures or post anything. Everything is almost unpacked, just a few more boxes left. I now have a craft room to make all sorts of goodies in and decorate decorate decorate! 
Soon I’ll have to tell you about a certain pink panda and his adventures with an Easter tree! ^.^ 
Until then here’s a picture of my first hair bow! 
The color quality is terrible in this picture! The bow is actually a really pretty heather grey with pastel pearl sprinkles and a teal cuppycake button! ^.<

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the Year of the Rabbit. Which is rather exciting for me since it happens to be my sign!  

It’s said that Buddha invited all the animals in the world to join him in celebrating the new year but only twelve showed up! As a reward to those loyal animals Buddha named a year after each critter. The rat, being the first to show up, was given the first year and each year after was named according to the next animal to arrive ending with the pig. 

This should be a very good year for the world! Rabbit years are supposed to be quiet, peaceful and much calmer than other years. It’s said that we should all focus on our families, personal development, art and culture. So lets all hang out together, be crafty and try to see only the happy, beautiful things in the world ^.^

 The Vietnamese are celebrating their lunar new year today as well. 
The Year of the Cat! 
In Vietnamese culture this year symbolizes friendship and striving to be your best. 

Whether you’re celebrating the Year of the Rabbit or Cat, happy furry cuteness this year everyone! ❤ 

The Man Under My Lamp

There is a man who lives under my lamp. He’s rather slim and surprisingly sparkly (upon closer inspection)…
He’s rather mysterious, and I’m not quite sure of his name but, he seems to ponder deep thoughts all day and it feels like a good idea to keep him around.
Maybe he is some sort of faerie...
Who ever he is, he’s here to stay ^.^

Twinkie Chan and Paper Cakes Blog Give Away

        The most awesome Twinkie Chan ………

 …and a very cute blog called Paper Cakes

Are holding a giveaway! There is a cool interview with Twinkie Chan on Paper Cakes blog and also the full details on how to win. Look how cute the prize is!! Eeek! 
(Contest ends on January 24th.)

Little Monster’s first Christmas

 Here’s a couple pictures of the animals on Christmas. This was Lucky’s first so I wanted to buy him presents and bring him along to my parent’s house ^.^ He was a little overwhelmed by all the commotion and thought the wrapping paper bits were excellent to hide under. Despite the annoyed looks he displays in these two photos, he did have a proper good time!

He wasn’t too excited to have his extra jingily festive collar on! Here I was trying to get his attention and he was glaring in my general direction. 

Here’s the only picture I managed to get of him wearing his Santa hat my mom got for him! Luke was trying to keep him still!
Here’s Fiffinelli trying Luke’s glasses on to size. We all approved.
 (Yes she is named after female Gremlins. My brother is to blame.)