My planner obsession

I have loved stationery for as long as I can remember and planners are no exception!

For several years, my go-to planners have been from the Korean brand Unipics. They come in a bound book format with adorable illustrations on each page and contain a weekly, monthly and yearly overview.

Kori Diary by Unipics

This year I decided to switch to a binder style planning format.  The fact that you can arrange the pages to your liking and take out pages to write on them was really appealing. As a lefty I’ve always had a hard time writing in books so this was an improvement! I started off with a green a5 by Filofax and my collection has grown from there.  I now have a total of six, with two more by Paperchase on the way.  >.<

It’s fun to rotate binders every month or so. (My way of excusing the fact that I have so many) ^.^

Here are my current planners:


Left to Right: Kikki.K large planner in fushia, Kikki.K grey, Kikki.K berry, Kikki.K mint, Filofax Original a5, Filofax personal raspberry Finsbury



Large  Kikki.K planners in Berry & Mint

Large Kikki.K planners in Berry & Mint


Large Kikki.K planners in Fushia & Grey


Filofax Original a5 in green & Filofax person Finsbury in raspberry

One of my favorite things to do is decorate my planner pages for each week . It’s really fun to load up your pages with washi tape, stickers, sticky notes and paper clips!

Here are some weekly pages that I’ve decorated:





I’ve found that there is an amazing community of planner lovers on Instagram and Facebook.  It’s neat to know that there are others who are just as obsessed with stationery as I am! I love logging on and seeing everyone’s page layouts and new accessories.

One of my new favorite accessories is this Game of Thrones planner charm that CraftersRetreat on Etsy custom made for me.  It’s all about Arya and House Stark. So cool!!

Charm by CraftersRetreat on Etsy

Charm by CraftersRetreat on Etsy

These page clips by Kawaii Paperie are so adorable too! ^.^



What are your current obsessions?

Are you drawn to the craft aisles of Micheal’s too or is there another hobby that you’re passionate about?

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday Favorites #1

I’ve decided to start a Friday Favorites series on the blog!

For my first installment, here are a few planner/stationery related goodies I’ve seen around the web this week:

Filofax UK has released new colors in their Originals series and this Dark Aqua planner is simply marvelous!

Filofax a5 Original in Dark Aqua

As an avid Game of Thrones fan, this planner charm made by CraftersRetreat on Etsy makes me so happy! Check out her Etsy store, she has some really awesome stuff. I just purchased a ridiculously amazing custom Game of Thrones charm from her and can’t wait to receive it! This one would look great attached to the Dark Aqua Filofax too. ^.^

Game of Thrones planner charm by CraftersRetreat on Etsy

I’ve recently discovered these Hi-Tec-C Coleto multi pens by Pilot. There are lots of cute color options and it’s also refillable so you get to choose each individual color cartridge to add to it! I have a bright pink one that I received as a gift and I absolutely love it!

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Sweet 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen Body Component – Mint Green

I love this moose pencil case by fionnahanna on Etsy.  He looks kinda melancholy don’t you think? ^.<

Moose Pencil Case by fionnahanna on Etsy

                This leather a5 Compendium in Berry from kikki.K is so pretty! I have the planner in this color and love it. This one is totally on my stationery wishlist!

Leather A5 Compendium: Berry from kikki.K

Here’s what the inside looks like:

That’s all for this Friday’s favorites.

Thanks for stopping by!

A Long Way Back

It’s been far too long since I blogged last. After dealing with a relationship in my life that was quite literally sucking the creative, happy energy out of me and the time it has taken to heal from that, I’m finally ready to rediscover A Melancholy Moose.


Things are ever so good around here.
Luke and Vincent are as cute as ever…




and of course so is Lucky!


The weather is warming up and spring has been in full gear for about a month in my neighborhood. 
I recently brought in some Lilacs from my backyard and they made the whole house smell divine! 
Pickings have been slim in the Pyrex department as of late. I’m guessing with it’s current popularity, people are scooping up the good pieces as soon as they hit the shelves!
However, I did find this oh so bohemian vintage chair recently at a thrift store. I think it really fits with Luke’s artwork and the odd decor we have in our living room. 
I’ve decided it shall be called The Gypsy Chair from now on.
 I pinky swear to post more often! 
For now though, I think I’ll snuggle up with this little fella.
PS: Some of these pictures are from Instagram- I apologize for their grainy appearance as my phone’s camera is severely lacking in the quality department. >.<



In shadow and at the end of the rainbow…

Sometimes things just look better in black and white…

Shadows and reflections come to life.

Hidden magic, you never knew was there, is revealed.

Time can stand still.

Things that are current can seem ages old.


Some things are best when there’s no color left out! 

 Like these cupcakes for instance.

Sometimes, taking every color in the rainbow and swirling them together
is the most magical thing in the world!

Oh yes!

And then there is Lucky…

Who always looks at his best.

Even when sitting on a book!

Or taking a bath in the sun.

What magical colors filled your day? 

                                     from Lucky and I

From where I’m sitting….

I see so many great things everyday!

What to see a few too?

My inspiration board.

 Full of silly colorful things, memories, and art that make me oh so happy!

My new 2013 planner from Korea!
I became obsessed with these planners/diaries a few years back. 
They are hands down the most adorable yearly planners out there. 
Not the best picture but you can trust me that it is full of cuteness.
 The little book features pictures of the adventures of a little cat and his girl.
This year the theme is Paris and there are watercolor style images of berets, croissants, windmills and all sort of other Parisian things inside!
It came with a set of 12 month sticker/tabs and a headphone jack plug of the kitty.
Needless to say it will keep my yearly plans cute!

Another thing I can see from where I sit,

…some adorable friends keeping me company today.

One of which is very special. It was a gift from my Aunt Jan‘s friend Wendy! 
I just absolutely LOVE this little mug. He keeps me company in my craft room everyday while I putter around. 
Thank you Wendy. It was ever so sweet of you! ❤ 

I can also see a certain mischievous one who just hopped into one of my bags! 

Hehe! >.< 

What views have you enjoyed today? 

Lucky and I hope you’ve seen many beautiful and happy things!


Hello again,

My apologies for not keeping in touch better. 

It really has been a long time hasn’t it? 

I have so so many things to show and tell you. 

My mind is overflowing with things I need to share. 

How was your Christmas? Or better yet, did you enjoy Fall? 

Lets catch up!

This summer I had the most deliciously bright petunias. 

For those who are yearning for spring, I hope these brighten up your day! 

 Even though I don’t like the heat, especially how hot the summers are here in New Mexico, seeing these everyday made it more bearable. 

Their colors were so bright!

 Next spring I think I’ll add another table of them in my front yard. 

However for now, I am loving Winter.

 We don’t get much snow where I live. Hardly any at all.

 So last week when my sister and I were able to enjoyed a ride through the mountains on a very snowy day it was quite a treat!

The cold months are my absolute favorite!

rocky canyon roads…

 sun peeking through the snowy sky…

These tiny little birds played and played in the snow.

Diving in and out of it, like they were the happiest creatures on Earth! 

That night I enjoyed some delicious chicken noodle soup the Boyo made for me!

…and warmed up next to this ever so sleepy little one. 

Have you ever seen such a silly face?!

 …all bundled up and cozy.

Promise to visit more. Very soon! 

Happy Winter greetings from a sweet sleeping Lucky and I!

A Kitten Named Lucky

I wanted to share Lucky’s story with you.
 A day of little significance in early March of 2010, I decided to tag along with Luke as he went to work. He manages a local feed store and part of his job is taking deliveries all over town. Sometimes to houses and sometimes to more remote areas outside of town. I always enjoy riding along with him and seeing all the super cute animals that live at the places he delivers. 
We had already gone to several houses and swung back by the store to pick up a large load of hay to be delivered outside of the city. While Luke loaded the truck I caught up on the book I had started reading the night before. It was called The Daily Coyote: A Story of Love, Survival, and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming by Shreve Stockton. It’s a story about an orphaned baby coyote who came into a girl’s life and changed it forever. I remember thinking, “I would love to find some sort of baby animal that needed me…”. Oh how prophetic that was! 
As we drove to the location outside the city, we passed through a reservation and into the outskirts of an old Spanish town. The drive was beautiful. Filled with mountains and big skies. 

But soon things weren’t so scenic and pretty. After turning onto an old bumpy road that also served as a ditch bank we parked the truck and Luke began to unload the hay into the field.  There was a big pasture on one side and a rather large ditch bank on the other. Trash littered the ditch. Overturned old cars that looked as though they had been burned, beer bottles, every kind of yucky thing you could think of. We even saw the rotting carcass of a cow. :/ 
I was walking around marveling at how there could be this much filth so near such prettiness when Luke yelled for me. He was standing near one of the upturned cars, looking down and as I ran over a tiny, filthy kitten walked out of the debris. He took one look at us and started meowing and purring as loud as he could. It was as if he was saying ,”Oh there you are! What took you so long to find me?!”
I scooped him up and found a cup of water for him. He sat in my lap and drank feverishly while trying to purr in between swallows. He was covered in filth, very thin and had frost bite on his ears, nose, paws and the tip of his tail. His little belly was very bloated from being so hungry. One more night out there and he probably wouldn’t have survived.
This is the first picture I ever took of Lucky. 

Of course, he had to come home with us! So he rode in my lap back to the store and then to his new home at the end of the day. 
Here’s a fuzzy picture of him hanging out at the feed store waiting to go home.

After some food, a bath and some serious love he was looking much better! 

His first night at home, he curled up on my pillow and buried his head in my hair! He still cuddles with us every night. ^.^ 

We named him Lucky because of the circumstances we found him in, however I feel like the lucky one. 
He has been my constant companion and best friend. ❤

I can’t imagine life without these two! 

Wishing you love and happiness in your day today! 

A Melancholy Moose has an online store!

Hi all, It’s been longer than I wanted it to be since my last post. I’ve been busy busy taking pictures of jewelry and designing a store front for my creations. I’m happy to announce that I now have a full store on Storenvy!! 
I also created a Twitter account and have a Facebook page for my things as well! 
Here are a few of the new pieces I’ve listed in the shop: 

The Iron Butterfly Necklace!

The glittery Ginger Moustache Necklace! 

The Snow White inspired Candy Apple Ring.

and also the Pastel Sweet Heart Necklace.

There are a lot more items in the shop including more rings, necklaces and also some hair clips and brooches. I’ve made some more elaborate necklaces that will be up soon too. I’ve just got to figure out how to take proper pictures of them! 
I’m very new to online selling and all the self promotion that it involves. It makes me feel so silly, as if I’m bragging. >.< Also, I'm trying to keep my prices as low as possible and shipping is only $2.oo for all US orders and $4.00 internationally. 
Anywho, if you’re intersted, pop on over to my little shop and tell me what you think! 

Oh and I mustn’t forget, my little monster. This is what he’s been doing while I’ve been writing this post. He’s pretty good at getting my attention! 

Hope your day is full of smiles! 
Much love from Lucky and I  ❤

Mirror, Mirror…

If there was ever a mirror…

A magical mirror…

That could tell you lovely tales….

 It would be this one! 

Pounds of shiny, beautiful vintage jewelry cover every inch of its surface! 

 and would you believe I found it at the Thrift store for only 2.99?

 I’m convinced if fell straight out of a fairy tale.

     It’s the little things in life that bring the most happiness. What treasures have you found lately? 

Lucky however, is more interested in sleeping than mirror gazing. 
                                                                                                                                XoXo, Ashley

A Romantic Necklace

I made this recently for my boyfriends mother. She asked if I could incorporate her original wedding ring into the piece. I wanted the theme to be very romantic so naturally, I went french! The little copper bird signifies that love will set you free and the french charm that hangs from the back clasp translates roughly to “I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow”.  It was really fun to make so I think I’ll be coming up with a few more pieces in this style soon. ^.^

Hope everyone has had a good day!